Studio Policies

Attendance and Make-Up Policy:

The time scheduled for the student’s lesson is reserved for his or her exclusive use. In the event a student misses a lesson for any reason, make-up lessons  cannot be guaranteed due to the schedule of the instructor. No refunds will be made if lessons are missed. Unavoidable absences will be made up when possible. One week is built into the year for make-ups automatically. If a student does not miss a lesson, this extra lesson is not an additional cost.

Please be prompt in arriving for your scheduled lesson time. Time will not be taken to accommodate late arrivals.


Family Involvement:

Traditional private music instruction requires the support and participation of parents and family members. Check out this great resource from Elissa Milne on what you need to know to support your child during music study.

Calendar and Events:

Along with weekly lessons, it is crucial for students to experience positive social interactions with music and their peers. In order to accomplish this, group class will be held monthly along with special seasonal events. All classes and events are listed on the studio calendar which can be found under "Studio Quick Links" at the top of this page, or by clicking here.

Summer Session:

During the Summer months (June 3 - August 5) students are expected to continue lessons in order to reserve their spot for the following school year. Students may continue weekly lessons, but a minimum of six lessons must be scheduled over the course of the summer session.

Tuition and Payment (2016-2017):

Students register for the entire length of a school year (August 22 - May 13). Registration includes 32 private lessons and 7 group classes. Rates for the full school year are found below. Students that start during the school year will their tuition pro-rated according to the number of weeks left in the year.

30-minute lesson: $35/lesson - $8000 per academic year

45-minute lesson: $45/lesson - $1,120 per academic year

60-minute lesson: $55/lesson - $1,440 per academic year

Payment can be made three different ways:

1. All at once by the first lesson

2. In two equal payments. First payment due by the first lesson. Second payment due by the first lesson of the new calendar year.

3. In four equal payments. Payment 1 - August 22, Payment 2 - October 22, Payment 3 - January 9, Payment 4 - Febuary 4.


Rates and tuition at the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music can be found under the Tier 2 Music Division Tuition using the link provided here.

Other Costs:

Music is not included in the tuition fee. Payment for music is due with the following month’s tuition. 

Event fees are not included in the cost of tuition. Costs for these events will be due with the following month’s tuition.

Discontinuing Lessons and Dismissal:

If a student or family needs to discontinue lessons for any reason, the instructor requests one month notice. A student may be dismissed at any point for reasons such as unpaid tuition, frequent lateness/absences, and lack of interest or necessary progress.


The best way to contact the instructor is through email. Please also regularly check the following resources for updates and events.

1. Monthly Studio Newsletter

2. Facebook Page

3. Studio Calendar and Website - click HERE.

Lesson Details:

Private piano lessons are provided on a weekly basis in 30, 45, and 60 minute time slots. Lessons are designed to fit each individual student, taking into consideration age, skill level, musical goals, and interests. Students may be admitted to the studio after an interview/audition. 

Depending on the age of the student, parents are also welcome, but not required to sit in on their child’s lesson.

Students are expected to practice enough to fulfill the requirements for each weekly assignment. As a guide, it is recommended that student's practice five days a week for the same amount of time as their weekly lesson.

It is expected that a student will have an acoustic piano tuned twice a year. Some electric keyboards may be used with the approval of the instructor.