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The Villemez Music Studio is a dynamic music education curriculum focused on well-rounded musical excellence, character development, and arts outreach. We help musicians of all ages understand how musical excellence can have powerful effects on themselves and their community.

Currently accepting new students!


The Villemez Music Studio is currently accepting piano, music theory, and composition students for the 2016-2017 school year! For inquiries, questions, and more details click below.


1. Do you offer lessons for adults?

- Yes! Adults make up a large percentage of students in the studio, and I am happy to cater to their individual goals and background.

2. What is the youngest age you teach?

- There is no blanket minimum age requirement, but it depends on the characteristics of each student in question. In general, I feel most qualified to teach students that have some basic literacy skills. If you have further questions about this, fire away using the big blue button below.

3. What does tuition cost?

- You can check out the Studio Policies page for information on how tuition is calculated.

Piano Recital Warm-Up
Onwards and upwards!
Group Classes
Cat composing her first piece.
Michael's first recital
Recording Project
Duet Recital

Parent and Student Testimonials

Our 8 year old son absolutely loved learning piano from Andy. We are both lucky and fortunate to get lessons from Andy for our son. Andy has an amazing way to connect with kids, to teach them at their level, he paces himself with the child's development, and has a passion for teaching. Andy is constantly working towards making the learning experience outstanding. The recitals are so much fun, every time with a well thought theme. Thank you Andy!

Ruchi Bhabhra

Cincinnati, OH

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