Workshops and Lectures

All workshops and lectures can be adapted for distance learning/webinars and specific targeted audiences.

Brownie Points and Grand Larceny: How To Compose and Arrange For Your Students

Many teachers have the desire to arrange or compose for specific students or levels in their studio. While this is a rewarding and potentially financially beneficial process, getting started can be daunting. This workshop dives into the first steps teachers can do to immediately start composing and arranging in a practical and fun way for their studio.


Partcipant Feedback:

"I took Andy's suggestions about composition with my 6 year old student, and WOW! Has that been a game changer!...Andy's class helped me IMMENSELY to "break through" and use another way to teach note learning and recognition."

Alone At Last: Technical Challenges and Performance Considerations for Piano Repertoire for the Left Hand

Repertoire for the Left Hand remains a vastly underused resource for technical development and musical enjoyment. However, its benefits for students also come with unique challenges that produce incredible results. This workshop showcases some prime examples of the Left Hand Literature and how teachers and students can approach this music with confidence.

Constructivism in Music Teaching: Helixes, Natural Curiosity, and Advice from Shampoo

As a well-known learning theory, constructivism plays a unique part in developing a well-rounded musician. One must foster the individual as well as the skills required to become a musician. This workshop addresses the core principles of constructivism while sharing effective strategies for implementing them into piano lessons and traditional classroom settings.