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Musicianship at the Keyboard is a comprehensive keyboard skills course for musicians pursuing careers in the music industry. Content is specifically designed to build performance skills and enable an efficient production workflow so that you can play and create with confidence. Each of the five units balances objectives in music reading, keyboard technique, theory, harmonization, aural skills, practice habits and workflow, mindfulness, and creativity. The text is adaptable to multiple teaching settings including private lessons or a group piano lab.

VMS Publications, 2021
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Creative Commissions: Volume 1

At its core, Creative Commissions is a celebration of creativity, intergenerational collaboration, and community engagement. It is an investment not only in new art, but also bringing people into the process of creating new works that impact the community. Creative Commissions brings young artists and their teachers in direct conversation with working artists in their field. The 2017-2018 project paired a student or ensemble with a composer that created a work based on the student's current technical and musical abilities, personality, and interests. This publication is an anthology of the works commissioned for the second annual project.

VMS Publications, 2018
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